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Consider this :.
2500 years ago Sakyamuni Buddha gave up his luxurious and powerful princely position inorder to pursue the ultimate truth. He had remained impoverish and steadfast to this ideal – a sacrifice that had enabled him to achieve great pure enlightenment.
It was this one of many great Buddhism principles – non attachment – the foundation, the gauge of a true practicing monk.
Now fast forward to 2008 – the never ending Tibet/Dalai Lama issue.
It has been more than 50 years and still counting since Dalai Lama self imposed exile from Tibet. It has been a long time and HH Dalai Lama should realize and embrace the fact Tibet is part of China.
China is developing fast and every province seems to benefit as much including Tibet and eventually people tend to be happy and forget about the past when their primary needs are fulfilled and satisfied. Nothing much anyone can do about it then.
Politic and religion are a difficult and hard mix and maybe it is time for HH Dalai Lama to decide what path is he going to take?
Religion or politic?
Either way a free Tibet lies squarely only on the shoulder of HH Dalai Lama. 










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