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Adobe Flash CS3 is a blessing for people like me who likes simple animation but are limited in talent to actually produce one in a “normal” sense. Now besides being able to put across my ideas in words I am capable of putting it into an “animated movie” also which deemed me to be an animator no less.                *** ahemm.


The title Joy of Hiking is an idea culminated from my many years of gruelling hiking in this part of the world – Arizona Desert Terrain – as a mean of remembrance when I am retired completely from the world of hiking which is unlikely because hiking is the only interesting mean of entertainment here in this part of the world.


I am not an expert though but having gone through the many experiences – like hiking in a desert temperature of more than 115 deg. Fah. I am qualify to depict what it was like when exposing to such extreme weather.


Below is the clip of the animation – done on Flash CS3. Enjoy.



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